The audio cue

Researches show that triggers we experience in the real world while we are inside an REM sleep stage, tend to interweave inside our dream without waking us up – giving us the momentarily awareness we need to perform a reality check and understand that we are dreaming. The most effective triggers are blinking lights, unique sounds and vibrations. DreamZ app uses unique audio cue triggers. A specific audio message that you choose or record, will be played every time you reach the REM dream stage. After an adaptation period of several dreams, your mind will learn that this audio message is only played during a dream, and you will become aware that you are dreaming each time you will hear the audio cue.

Recording an effective audio cue

The audio cue is the most important aspect of the app’s operation. It’s important to choose the right audio cue to maximize the probability that you will hear it in you dream and recognize it as a trigger. Most of the sounds that we hear during the night are filtered away by our mind, or blended into our dreams. The audio cue needs to fulfill the following conditions:

  • 1.It should be unique

    during the night there are sounds that we hear often, a clock ticking, a loud air-conditioning, our spouse’s snores and more. Our mind knows to filter those sounds out so that we will not be woken up.

  • 2.It should not be an alarm sound

    The recorded dream message should not be something that you use or used in the past as an alarm clock, since we are used to wake up when we hear this sound. So no songs and not annoying beeps

  • 3.It should be hard to blend

    To keep us from waking up, our mind blends sounds into our dreams. If the sound is very easy to blend, like a phone ring, we will not recognize it inside the dream.

  • 4.Several audio triggers will wake us up immediately

    For example, hear your own name while you are sleeping will usually wake you up, even if uttered as a whisper. Those triggers should be avoided

  • 5.It should make you think

    A good practice is to record audio cues that forces you to think rationally during the dream. i.e instead of recording yourself saying: “You are now dreaming”, say “You are supposed to be asleep. How can you be here? This does not make sense”.

What to do when hearing the audio cue

Choosing an effective audio cue is important, but it is also important knowing what to do when hearing the audio cue inside a dream. Usually, on the first nights you will use DreamZ, you will remember hearing the audio cue during the dream, but it will not be able to invoke enough awareness to experience lucidity. You will probably remember simply silencing the iPhone during the dream, or throwing it away, or anything of that sort. To be able to use the audio cue to experience lucid dreams, you need to practice performing a Reality Check every time you hear the audio cue.

Reality check

When we are dreaming our brain behave differently than when we are awake. The key to having lucid dreams is to understand those differences, and test them whenever you want to check if you are dreaming or not. For instance, during a dream it is often difficult to read characters and numbers because the area of the brain responsible for those tasks is shut down. Thus, if we look at our digital clock twice during a dream, the number will be blurry or different each time. The same goes for reading. When performing a reality check, try and read a sentence twice. If you are dreaming, the sentence will change the second time you read it. The best way to experience lucid dreams is a combination between a good audio cue, and a good reality check performed each time you hear the cue.

Examples of reality check

  1. Read – Try reading a sentence twice and see if it is changing
  2. Breath – Try holding your nose and mouth shut and breath. During a dream you will have no problem breathing without oxygen
  3. Digital clock – During a dream the numbers of a digital clock will appear blurry and morphing
  4. Mirrors – Does you reflection looks normal in a mirror
  5. Jump – Try jumping, in a dream you will feel like you are “floating” down
  6. Run – During a dream you will always feel like you are running in “slow motion”

You can read more about the reality checks here

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